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bringing fresh, unique and intentional templates for showit + wordpress for the new year.

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a one-of-a-kind showit website

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Luna is a modern and geometric layout for a photographer that's sold only once.

prophoto templates

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6 new template designs for ProPhoto 7


Adele is a luxury brand for the modern high end photographer. Catering to the posh, clients, you provide class and elegance in front of and behind the camera.

Luxurious. Editorial. Sophisticated.


Claire offers a feminine and classy design for a photographer to showcase her portfolio of love stories.

feminine. classy. elegant.


Cambria is an elegant and romantic theme for a fine art wedding photographer or stylish event planner.

romantic. airy. classy.


Sofia is a beautiful theme to target friendly and genuine couples looking for a lifestyle or wedding photographer.

Elegant. Intimate. Friendly.

beautiful design templates

to help you book your dream clients

purposeful & professional

custom design now available!

booking clients for spring 2018

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I'm Emily and I'm thrilled you're here. When I'm not having a dance party with my 6 year old daughter or watching Housewives, you'll find me creating beautiful and purposeful designs for creative boss babes.

Since starting Seaside Creative in 2009 after graduating college, I've been able to help thousands of businesses have a professional and personalized online home.

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