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Should You Put Your Pricing On Your Website?

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…To put your pricing and packages on your website or not? Allow your clients to see your collection investment or have them inquire for more details?

What do you think?
There’s no right or wrong answer, just your preference and what you think works best with your client communication. Usually I recommend at least put a starting from price so they have a ballpark idea and they can get more details. 
All my custom clients get a welcome/pricing page that they can easily update in Showit, not a clunky PDF to share with their clients.
Includes more information about what to expect from the process, testimonials, collection investment, helpful tips/downloads, and FAQs for your clients to feel at ease right away when they contact you.
Here’s a few examples of how I lay out pricing in a clear and concise way.

Emma McMahan

view project

Hamilton, Ohio

view project

lifestyle + portrait photography

Juliette Laurent

New York City

Business and fitness coach

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